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Lights on the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon

Venice, 23rd October 2018 - The 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon will be the year of Japan and Yuki Kawauchi, the "samurai" marathon who aspires to run 100 marathons under 2h20' and will run his 87th marathon in Venice and his 10th marathon of the year. It will be the first time in Italy for him. The 33rd birthday of Venicemarathon will be celebrated by over 13,000 runners who will start their race at 9.15am from Stra with the marathon and at 8.30am with the VM10KM (sold out registrations) that will start from San Giuliano Park. Both races will cut a single finish line: Riva Sette Martiri in ...
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Marco Mannucci Venicemarathon Pacer 4:15:00

If in preparation for Venicemarathon you already calculated your goal time and decided to follow the 4:15 pace group, consider yourself lucky. In this trio you will find the energetic and cheerful Tuscan, Marco Mannucci. Venicemarathon will be his third marathon this fall, after running Berlin and then Chicago. "In Chicago I started out last, I mean really the last runner! It was fun making progress and in the end I had overtaken more than twenty-three thousand people,” says Marco, chuckling. Born in Pontedera in the province of Pisa where he still lives, he works at the Piaggio factory in ...
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You've been training for months, and in two weeks the marathon will finally be here. Although you're excited and feel prepared, you also want to make sure you're fuelling your body with the right foods. Following a healthy eating plan prior to your race can help calm nerves and improve your performance. Eat regular meals every few hours two weeks before your race. This is not only important for fuel , but it also prevents stomach-aches during your marathon. According to the organization, most runners have complained of gastrointestinal issues at one point or another in their career. Don't ...
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Massimo Coppo Venicemarathon Pacer 3:40:00

The role of pacer at the Venicemarathon happened by chance for Massimo Coppo just seventeen years ago, in 2001. A friend and neighbour of his in Mestre was supposed to lead the 4 hour pacing group but didn’t feel well on the eve of the race. He asked Massimo if he could take his place since it would be "easy" for him, being a strong athlete. “The pace was too slow for my and my muscles ached everywhere. But I realized then that I was doing it for others and I tried to ignore the signals my body was sending me." Even his path into the marathon world happened by chance. An excellent ...
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What is done is done. While all the physical work is in the bag, ensuring success on race day requires special attention the marathon taper. The marathon taper is a delicate balance of maintaining fitness while promoting recovery.  To eat well, fruit and vegetable, at least 5 portions a day, to guarantee a suitable contribution of vitamins and mineral to the organism, essential for the comfort of runners that trains three times per week at least. Three weeks before the competition it is important also Carnitine, that prevent oxidative stress, increase work capacity by decreasing ...
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Pierluigi Missimei Pacing Team, 10km in 40’00”

In the past months we’ve presented some of our pacers that will guide runners along the Venicemarathon route, through Piazza San Marco and arriving in Riva Sette Martiri. Today we want to talk about the “sister" distance, the race in the race, our 10k (and seven hundred meters). The 10k race starts from the San Giuliano Park and covers the last ten kilometres of the marathon, practically skipping the first thirty-two! Even a 10k is a great challenge and to assist the participants we have added five groups of pacers: 40'00 "+ 45'00" + 50'00 "+ 55'00" and 60'00 ". Pierluigi Missimei played ...
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Some runners, who are training for specific races or certain goals, run too hard, run too many miles and don't allow for proper recovery time. They assume that running every day will help them get fitter and faster. Overtraining is the leading cause of injury and burnout for runners. Glutammine supplementation and proper alimentation during intensive training are the keys to prevent this syndrome.Dott.ssa Annalisa Faè R&D ProAction ...
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33rd Huawei Venicemarathon: until 1 month to the start line!

Yuki Kawauchi: “I want to be the first Japanese runner to win in Venice” Venice, 28th September 2018 - In one month, on 28th October, the Huawei Venicemarathon will blow out 33 candles, and one of the special guests will be the marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi, who will try to become the first Japanese to win in the lagoon. There is great expectation for this athlete, a real idol in Japan and a model for many fascinated marathon runners, not only for his feats, but also because he is a normal man, an employee who works 8 hours a day and every Sunday runs a marathon because it is more ...
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Mariella Dileo Venicemarathon Pacer 5h00’00”

Mariella Dileo, one of our 5 hour marathon pacers, is a hurricane of positive energy. She that never fails to greet you warmly, her first concern is to know how you are. She transmits energy without reserve and without asking for anything in return. She is a woman from other times. Or maybe just a woman from the south of Italy. Born and raised in Barletta, the same as the Olympic sprinter Pietro Mennea, Mariella didn’t give a thought to running until the fortieth birthday. "I had two beautiful children but the pregnancies led me to weigh a almost two hundred pounds. I was looking for a ...
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Most of the sodium we consume is in the form of sodium chloride, or the common table salt found in food and drinks. We take salt for granted these days as we've developed ways to make it widely available. Everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat. Up to a certain point, taking in plain water is enough to mitigate sweat losses. But, as those losses start to mount up, you need to replace sodium too to avoid your blood becoming diluted. This is a potentially disastrous condition called hyponatremia, which can certainly ruin your race and, tragically, has even been fatal on ...
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