History year by year

Confirmed the prediction of the eve, with the fourth consecutive victory of the Venetian athlete Nicolò Petrin, pleasantly renamed 'the flying baker' because of his profession as a baker which alternates with a sports career. Licensed for the Vicenza Marathon, Nicolò set the best race time, completing the 16 kilometers of the route and 51 bridges in 59'22". “It's always nice and not obvious to reconfirm and I'm really happy with this victory. Running at night in Venice has a different charm every year”.

In the women's field, victory of the mountain trail specialist Silvia Sangalli, bearer of the Atl. Dolomiti Belluno which won in 1h11'28": "It's the first time I've taken part in this event. I found it very hard and different from mountain trails due to the many changes of pace, but really very fascinating".

The Honda Italia award was instead assigned to Martina Comisso, first classified woman in the province of Venice. The trophy was presented to Costanza Sabbadini and Riccardo Massa of Honda Italia. 


Over 3000 runners chose to challenge polar temperatures and gusts of freezing wind to create the 6th CMP Venice Night Trail. A real test of endurance and courage, which made this edition memorable and consecrated its protagonists to real heroes.
The predictions on the eve of the day have been confirmed, with the third consecutive victory both for the Venetian athlete Nicolò Petrin, nicely renamed 'the flying baker' because of his profession that alternates with running training, and for the architecture student Sharon Giammetta, a promising middle-distance runner under the Biotekna Athletics.
The event started on time at 21 from Terminal 123 of the Marittima del Porto di Venezia, to the notes of the Italian Anthem and in the name of Peace, with the rainbow flag waved by the vice mayor of Venice Andrea Tomaello and by the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva. A very long luminous snake then entered the darkness of the city, illuminating calli and campielli and enlivening the most evocative areas, with passages on the Calatrava bridge, in Piazza San Marco, on the Accademia bridge and at the Basilica della Salute.
The race immediately saw the trio made up of Petrin, Mattia Agugiaro and Andrea Paggiarin leave the group, the latter breaking away only in the last kilometer, when the Tornado athlete placed the extension right on the long final straight, closing his test in 59'44 "and 5 seconds off the athlete Vicentina Agugiaro (59'49").
In the women's field, Sharon Giammetta dominated the race, winning in 1h05'18 ", eleventh place overall and almost seven minutes ahead of Chiara Fumagalli (1h12'16"). Third, Beatrice Urbani, who finished her test in 1h15’16 ".

Nicolò Petrin and Sharon Giammetta continue the tradition, also affixing their signature to the 5th edition of the CMP Venice Night Trail, which took place last night in Venice.
The arrival of the men's race was the scene of a beautiful gesture of fair play, with Daniel Borgesa letting his teammate Nicolò Petrin cross the finish line first.
. 58'54 "is the time it took both athletes to complete the 16 kilometers and 50 bridges. After about thirty seconds came Samuele Pognat Gros, athlete of Athletics Giò 22 Riviera.

In the women's field, the thirty architecture student Sharon Giammetta was reconfirmed with a clear victory. Behind her, with a gap of over six minutes, came Vania Rizzà in 1h11'17 and third Alice Casali in 1h12'59 ".


The 4th CMP Venice Night Trail, which took place this night in Venice with 3500 athletes at the start, assisted in the men's field the absolute dominion of the Tornando Trail Running Team with the victory of Nicolò Petri, in front of Mirko Miotto and Nicola Costantini.
As it happened last year, Petrin and Miotto have crossed the finish line by the hand.
In the women's field, Sharon Giammetta won the race. Last year she arrived at the second place.

The first lights to peep out in the port area of San Basilio were those of Diego Avon and Simone Gobbo who cut "arm in arm" the finish line of the 3 ^ CMP Venice Night Trail in 58'52 ".
The two team-mates of the "Tornado", a team sponsored by the CMP brand that is also the trail's title sponsor, have decided to tackle the 16K and 51 race bridges together and to cut the finish line in the same way, even if the ranking official winner was Simone Gobbo. The two Venetian athletes, used to race in Venice at the Venicemarathon that saw them triumph both in the 10K (2016 Avon and 2017 Gobbo), appreciated the hard but fascinating course.
The same team (Tornado) is also Silvia Rampazzo, the 2017 mountain race long distance world champion , who won the city trail in Venice in 1h03'59 ". Daughter of Venetians, for her the CMP Venice Night Trail was pure fun.

Under a clear sky in a fresh night the first light to appear at the finish line was Giovanni Iommi’s one. The athlete of Livenza Sacile Athletic Club won, after facing 16 kilometers and crossing 51 bridges, the Garmin Venice Night Trail in 58’20”. These are his words after his arrival: “I am glad I was able to confirm myself as the winner of this race for the second following year, this trail is tough but amazing!” Behind him, just after 43”, the five time-world Champion of mountain running, Marco De Gasperi, got to the finish line; Marco led the race almost to the finish line but due to a course mistake he lost the right pace and got second. In the women section, the first place went to Ilaria Gurini of Essetre Running Club. The start was spectacular and thrilling this year! The runners livened up the city with many lights which led the snake of lights towards Calatrava bridge. >From Dorsoduro the participants entered then the Cannaregio area running along the “fontamenta” and the “calli” (typical streets names) and the “campi” (the Venice squares) to reach S. Elena where a refreshment point was located. The course entered then the well known and fascinating Venice along Riva dei Sette Martiri and through Saint Mark’s Sq. The Accademia Bridge allowed participants to pass over the Gran Canal to reach Punta della Dogana and then along the Zattere to finish in San Basilio.

The weather was merciful and gave a wonderful night to the participants of the first edition of the Venice Night Trail, the saturday night race night starting at 9pm from the passenger terminal of San Basilio in Venice, organized by the Venice Marathon Club with Port Authority's hospitality, and won by Giovanni Iommi and Francesca Pretto. A news of a kind that had immediate success, with registrations closed a month and a half before, once reached the 2,000 registrations.