Marco De Gasperi and Stefano Gregoretti light up the Garmin Venice Night Trail
The two Garmin testimonial will be at the Venice Night Trail organized by Venicemarathon Club and scheduled the evening of Saturday 29th April and will lead two teams that will compete at the last second.

Marco De Gasperi and Stefano Gregoretti light up the Garmin Venice Night Trail, scheduled for the evening of Saturday, 29th April, starting at 9pm, in Venice.

Mountain running champion the first, the second ultrarunner back from spectacular crossings. The two Garmin testimonial will be at the start of the 16 km and 51 bridges trail, organized by the Venicemarathon Club in collaboration with Garmin, that winds through the calli and campielli of Venice at night.

The novelty is the appealing and original challenge that will involve all members. Participants will be divided into two teams - one lead by De Gasperi, and one lead by Gregoretti – and will compete until the last second. Wins the fastest team, which will get from the sum of all the individual times, the lower total time.

In addition, De Gasperi and Gregoretti are already on the afternoon of Saturday, 29th April (from 3pm to 7pm) guests of the stand Garmin into the Venice Running Village at the San Giuliano park, available to the public and fans for autographs and advice.

Marco De Gasperi, born in 1977, is a true legend of mountain running. Five-time world champion, and has a number of success and innovation in the sky-running, making it perhaps the strongest and most comprehensive worldwide specialist in racing at altitude.

Stefano Gregoretti instead defines himself "ultrarunner and adventurer". He is the man of impossible expeditions in the ice and in the desert, running and biking or skiing. He is just back from an unbelievable enterprise, the Artic Extreme, where he covered 1000 km at very strict temperatures crossing three Canadian Arctic regions, on skis and by bicycle.

At the event, technology enthusiasts will have the chance to touch live the last two born in Garmin house for running and multisport: fenix5 and Forerunner 935. Two high-end watches are able to meet specific needs for the top of the line demanding.

Forerunner 935, a real feather weight: a smart SportWatch GPS with innovative features for performance analysis both in race and in training, the wrist pulse detection, integrated sports profiles, customization and compact design only 49 grams weight.

The new series fe¯nix® 5 represents the natural evolution of the famous and much-acclaimed series of SportWatch GPS multisport. Three models share a sophisticated technology and enriched by a refined design and the use of precious materials that make the new fe¯nix® 5 robust, performing and elegant. Among these fe¯nix® 5S, light and size suitable for smaller and thin wrists, the model fe¯nix® 5 between those sizes and fe¯nix® 5X, the first mapping device for the family.

Registration for the Garmin Venice Night Trail are now sold out but you can, however, register in the double sports event the following day, Sunday, 30th April, with the 9th Corrimestre (10 km competitive) and 5th Panoramica (5-11 and 18 km) taking place over the San Giuliano Park in Mestre green avenues, in the Osellino forest and Forte Marghera and that will give life to 'Ali Venice Running Days', the intense and participated in sports weekend that the Venicemarathon Club organized for the fifth time. Do not loose our outdoor activities just for children like Baby Maratonella, Giocatletica and “115 junior”.
Garmin Venice Night Trail: Registrations boom!
There are already 2,500 participants at the Night Trail organized by Venicemarathon Club on Saturday April 29th in Venice. There are only 500 bibs left.
Lights in Venice! Two thousand moving lamps lit last year the magic of Venice in a cosy spring evening, creating an unique atmosphere. Running at night, wrapped in silence and accompanied by the gentle murmur of water, is an experience not to be missed for those who like to combine a sport event to an especially beautiful urban scenery. A winning idea, that the Venicemarathon Club, with the support of Garmin, will organize again on Saturday 29th April at 9pm, starting and finishing in the port area of San Basilio, the Dorsoduro district of Venice.

Although there is still a lot before the event, the performance of the registrations predicts an early sold out. There are, in fact, already 2500 registered partecipants and only 500 bibs are still available. This event has a closed number, 3000, in order to meet high standards of quality and efficiency in the services. A counter on the official website updates in real time the situation.

Like last year, there will be 51 bridges to be crossed and 16 kilometers to be covered, but the spectacle of this course will definitely facilitate the enterprise. Runners will have the opportunity to choose between competitive and non-competitive version.

Garmin, a world leader in technology applied to sport, decided to associate once again their brand to that of Venicemarathon, after the successful partnership with Garmin 10K combined with the Venice Marathon and the Moonlight Half Marathon.

"The Night Trail - said Stefano Viganò, Managing Director of Garmin Italy - is a way to embrace both the purists of the road lovers, the night runners and those who are looking for new experiences. It’s a way to keep up with the evolution of the race, likewise Garmin is always looking for innovations in the world of technology. A precious event " like the new Fenix5 ... the latest Garmin product. "

The Night Trail, combined with the double sports event of the following day at San Giuliano Park in Mestre (Corrimestre 10 km and La Panoramica 5,11 and 18km) is what the fifth edition of "Ali Venice Running Day" consists of, an intense weekend of running, jogging and wellbeing under the aegis of the Venicemarathon Club. For more information

There will be special rates for those who decide to enter the combined Venice Night Trail + Corrimestre, the challenge of the Venice Running Days.

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