Black Friday: the registrations of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon, 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and 4th CMP Venice Night Trail fly
Venezia, November 28, 2018 - Even this year, the runners’ world did not miss the great Black Friday opportunity offered by the Venicemarathon Club on all its events.

The bib numbers of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K, of the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and MHM10K, and of the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail, that were available for the promotion, were sold like crazy.

A lot of people waited for the beginning of the promotion at midnight.

The registrations for the five events, now officially open, have continued with a good trend in the following days. To this day, the bibs assigned for the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon of October 27, 2019 are 3,289, for the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon of May 25, 2019 are 1,471 and for the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail of April 13, 2019 are 1,436.

These important numbers projected the Venicemarathon Club towards a successful 2019.
Black Friday, Venicemarathon, Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and CMP Venice Night Trail extraordinary occasion!
Friday, November 23, the registrations of the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and of the events organized by Venicemarathon Club will open with a special 50% discount!

Friday, November 23 is a date that all runners have to know because the Venicemarathon Club will officially open the registrations to all its events and, above all, confirm its extraordinary promotions for the Black Friday.

From 00.00am to 11.59pm CET of Friday, November 23, runners can register to the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon and VM10K, to the 9th Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon and MHM10K and to the 4th CMP Venice Night Trail with the discount of 50% from the ordinary registration fee.

These are the bib numbers of the Black Friday:

CMP Venice Night Trail - 250 bib numbers (Venezia – April 13, 2019)

Jesolo Moonlight HalfMarathon - 1000 bib numbers; MHM10K - 500 bib numbers (May 25, 2019)

Huawei Venicemarathon - 1.500 bib numbers; VM10K - 500 bib numbers (Venezia -  October 27, 2019)
Diego Avon and Simone Gobbo won "arm in arm" the CMP Venice Night Trail
Among women the first at the finish was Silvia Rampazzo.
A parade of moving lights illuminated Venice
and the CMP Venice Night Trail was a very successful event

Venice, 15th April 2018 - In the fresh Venetian night , the first lights to peep out in the port area of San Basilio were those of Diego Avon and Simone Gobbo who cut "arm in arm" the finish line of the 3 ^ CMP Venice Night Trail in 58'52 ".
The two team-mates of the "Tornado", a team sponsored by the CMP brand that is also the trail's title sponsor, have decided to tackle the 16K and 51 race bridges together and to cut the finish line in the same way, even if the ranking official winner was Simone Gobbo. The two Venetian athletes, used to race in Venice at the Venicemarathon that saw them triumph both in the 10K (2016 Avon and 2017 Gobbo), appreciated the hard but fascinating course.
The same team (Tornado) is also Silvia Rampazzo, the 2017 mountain race long distance world champion , who won the city trail in Venice in 1h03'59 ". Daughter of Venetians, for her the CMP Venice Night Trail was pure fun.
Very spectacular, as always, the start with runners forming a very long luminous snake towards the Calatrava Bridge. The parade of lights, greeted by a large audience in Piazza San Marco and also along the course, continued until midnight, when Pietro Zanatto closed the race. In 1,562 crossed the finish line of the competitive race and the same number of the non competitive ones.
Satisfied the President of the Venicemarathon Club Piero Rosa Salva: "This third edition consecrates the success of the CMP Venice Night Trail and now our commitment is to make it grow even more, it was a particularly lucky edition for the clear and fresh climate, I can only thank the City Administration, the title sponsor CMP and all the companies that support this event, the Port Authority for hosting us, the Law Enforcement, Civil Protection and volunteers for being also this year at our side ".
The event was organized by the Venicemarathon Club with the collaboration of the City of Venice and the Port Authority of Venice.
Partner of the event: CMP, ProAction, Air France, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Zuegg, Bertoncello, Virgin Active, Palmisano, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, Castellano, Gasparini Group and Interparking.

Final ranking

1. Simone Gobbo - Tornado - 58'52 "
2. Diego Avon - Tornado - 58'52 "
3. Giuseppe Di Stefano - Gp Livenza Sacile - 59'10 "

1. Silvia Rampazzo - Tornado - 1h03'59 "
2. Sharon Giammetta - GS A. Coin - 1h06'30 "
3. Giovanna Ricotta - Tornado - 1h07'34 "
8 days to go for CMP Venice Night Trail
On Saturday 14th April Venice will be the background of the third edition of the Night City Trail organized by Venicemarathon Club. Sold out for months!

Venice, 6th April 2018 – On Saturday 14th April the appointment is in Venice with the CMP Venice Night Trail, the night race organized by the Venicemarathon Club along “calli” and “campi”, the typical streets and squares in Venice. Just 8 days to go for this charming event, sold out for months with over 3,000 participants at the start line.

Great satisfaction for the organizers and for the new technical and title sponsor CMP which will clothe all participants with the navy blue and fluorescent yellow official technical t-shirt.

Venice, at that night, will be illuminated by over 3,000 headlamps always on the go which will color bridges, “calli” and “campielli” in a simply unique and spectacular trail of 16Km and 51 bridges.

The start will be at 9pm at San Basilio, in the harbor area of Venice and participants could choose between the competitive race or the fun run. The charming night trail will penetrate in the nicest and most picturesque areas of Venice, to reach Sant’Elena and the Biennale to come back through St. Mark Sq., cross the Grand Canal through the Accademia Bridge and afterwards lead to Punta della Dogana. From here athletes will run along Fondamente delle Zattere till San Basilio by the Giudecca Canal.

The Running Village will be set up this year by the start and the finish line, in San Basilio area, easily reachable both from the railway station of Venezia-Santa Lucia and from Piazzale Roma. In the Village athletes can get the bib number and the goody bag, will find the refreshment station and could get a shower at the sport center CUS. While from San Giuliano Park a shuttle service will take participants to the start point and after the race will take them back to get their car parked free of charge in the parking areas in San Giuliano area.

Supporters of the race: CMP, ProAction, Air France, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Zuegg, Bertoncello, Virgin Active, Palmisano, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, Castellano, Gasparini Group and Interparking.  The event is organized in collaboration with Venice City Council and the Port of Venice.

In addition CMP Venice Night Trail wants to support the project #EnjoyRespectVenezia.
CMP Venice Night Trail: registrations "with a bang"!
In the third edition of the Night City Trail scheduled for Saturday 14th  April and organized by the Venicemarathon Club reached 3,000 bib numbers and closed the registrations two months in advance. The CMP sportswear brand, belonging to the F.lli Campagnolo group, becomes the title & technical sponsor of the event.

Venice, 12nd February 2018 - As foreseen, registrations to the CMP Venice Night Trail scheduled for Saturday, April 14th closed last Friday.  The 3,000 bibs available have been sold out two months in advance

At the Venicemarathon house it is time to celebrate also for another reason. The brand CMP of the F.lli Campagnolo Group  becomes part of the family  as title & technical sponsor of the night trail.The great manufacturing tradition of F.lli Campagnolo, combined with 50 years of know-how in the fashion and sports sector, finds its best expression in CMP, the sportswear brand for the whole family that produces high-performance garments for activities ranging from skiing to trekking, from mountaineering to biking, without forgetting city life. CMP has always had in the DNA the outdoor world and outdoor life and decided to plunge into the world of running and trail running.For the occasion to all the registered athletes, , will be donated  a technical jersey that thanks to the Dry function technology, combined with the highly breathable fabric, guarantees dry conditions and comfort even at high performance. "Blu Navy", like the sky of Venice at night, is the background color chosen by the organizers in collaboration with the company, with yellow fluo inserts at shoulder height and on the back bottom that recall the seams on the sides and the various graphics. The CMP logo and Venice Night Trail are highlighted at chest height and the date of the event makes the t-shirt a collector's item."This is a fundamental step for us in a broader investment and sponsorship process, and we are very proud to link the CMP brand to Venice and the uniqueness of this event" - these are the words of Dr. Fabio Campagnolo, brand sales manager CMP."We are delighted with this new partnership with such an important brand that we welcome - said Piero Rosa Salva, President of the Venicemarathon Club - The Venice Night Trail confirms its great success among running enthusiasts and this year, too, we want to contain participation at levels that allow us to guarantee the highest quality in services, respect and sustainability of the city. "The start of the race is scheduled at 9 pm. Start  and finish line in the Dorsoduro district, in the port area of ​​San Basilio in Venice. There will be 51 bridges to tackle and 16 kilometers to cover, but the spectacular nature of this course will certainly facilitate the great work. Runners will have the opportunity to choose between the competitive and the non-competitive version. A unique experience not to be missed for those who love to combine the sporting occasion with particularly evocative and fascinating urban contexts.

The CMP Venice Night Trail also wants to contribute to the #EnjoyRespectVenezia project.

For more information: -
Registrations on a roll! 
Already over 2200 registrations for the third night city trail organized by Venicemarathon Club held in Venice the night of Saturday, April 14th. Only 700 bib left!

Back in the lagoon the magic of the night race with the third edition of Venice Night Trail, the city trail organized by Venicemarathon Club scheduled for the night of Saturday, April 14th. An unique and unlosable experience for the people who love to combine sport with a suggestive and fascinating urban context.

Three months to the event, the evolution of the registrations suggest that an anticipated sold out is expected. Therefore, registrations  are already over 2200 and only about 700 bib are left. Closed number at 3000 to respect, as always, the high quality and services standard. A counter, present in the official website  <> , keep updated in real time the situation.

The bridges to cross are 51 and 16 km to cover, but the awesomeness of this track will make it easier to achieve. Athletes have the possibility to choose between the competitive and non-competitive race.

Start  is around 9 pm. Start and finish line are located in the San Basilio Harbour area  in the Dorsoduro district. Immediately  at the 1st km, we have the breathtaking Canal Grande crossing  the Calatrava bridge. Then the trail will run through  the most typical areas of Venice,  through the amazing “campielli”, down to Sant’Elena and the Biennale, then come back up to San Marco square where  athletes will enjoy the charm of this square lightened by the night light. The race goes on in the heart of the city, touching the Fenice Theatre , going through, again, the Canal Grande on the Accademia bridge and up till Punta della Dogana. From here  athletes get back to Fondamenta delle Zattere up till San Basilio, running along the Giudecca Canal.

The Running Village, this year, will be held in San Basilio Harbour area, start and finish line area and easily accessible both from the train station Venezia-Santa Lucia and Piazzale Roma Terminal. Here all athletes can withdraw the bib number and the goody bag, they  find the final refreshment and  can enjoy the shower service situated in the Cus Venezia sport facilities. Participants choosing to leave the car in the Park areas of San Giuliano Park in Mestre, will be taken to the start line and back with a shuttle service.

The event is supported by: Karhu, ProAction, AirFrance, San Benedetto, Bavaria, Interparking, Palmisano, Castellano, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri e Gasparini Group.