Venice, 14 April 2019 - Who practices trail running lives the competitive spirit with a different spirit and so also yesterday evening the CMP Venice Night Trail saw the finish line of two athletes arrived at the hands of Tornando Trail Running Team: these are Nicolò Petrin and Mirko Miotto . The same gesture of "fair play" was seen last year with Simone Gobbo and Diego Avon, also their comrades from the same Venetian team, and they also came hand in hand. 

" Friendship in events like this comes first. We ran the whole race together and we decided to cross the finish line together " said Mirko Miotto immediately.
The winner Nicolò Petrin (25 years old) lives in Santa Maria di Sala (Venice) and alternates between trail and road races. In 2018 he finished fourth at the Italian TrailChampionships . Until a few years ago he was a semi-professional cyclist but then he chose to leave the two wheels for the long distance running race and on October 27th he will be at the 34th Huawei Venicemarathon. “The race was beautiful because Venice in the evening has an incredible charm. In a few months I will be taking these bridges again in the Venicemarathon and I can't wait ”. 

Petrin and Miotto completed the 16 kilometers of route and the 51 bridges in the race in 57'26 ". Nicola Costantini , another Tornado team athlete finished his race in 58'10 ". 

The women's race crowned Sharon Giammetta (22 years), the young athlete of the Coin Mestre. Sharon, lives in Riva del Garda (TN), loves crosses where she came in ninth at the recent Italian Cross-country Championships. "This is my third participation in the Venice Night Trail - comments Giammetta - in 2017 I ran in the non-competitive race because I had just started racing, last year I finished at the second place and this year the victory even came. I am very happy ” . Sharon Giammetta last night raced in 1h04'29 ", about two minutes faster than last year. Behind him came FrancescaTonin and Laura Castellani . 

The show of this fourth edition of the CMP Venice Night Trail , organized by Venicemarathon, turned on at 9 pm, when a river of people lit up the harbor area of ​​San Basilio with headlamps and much enthusiasm. 3,265 were the finisher and the arrivals carousel went past midnight. Along the way, the athletes have been repeatedly invited to adopt responsible behavior and respectful of the city. With this edition, the CMP Venice Night Trail confirms itself as an international event that generates induced economic activity, with a high percentage of foreign athletes and about 70% athletes from outside the region. 

The CMP Venice Night Trail is an event with large numbers. The volunteers on the course were over 300 and as many as 200 divided between bib delivery, refreshments, bag storage and race package delivery. The Croce Verde medical health service was also impressive and there were 12 people on the BLS team, including nursing doctors and rescuers with a Basic Life Support certificate . The Venice Running Village has occupied a space of 3,000 square meters. Here were distributed: 10,000 liters of San Benedetto water, 3,000 liters of mineral salts and 4,000 Pro Action energy bars, 5,000 Bavaria beers , 5,000 Zuegg juices, 100,000 Bertoncello breadsticks , 20,000 Palmisano biscuits, 5,000 bananas and 4,000 oranges, 5,000 technical t-shirts CMP, 4,000 Air France garment bags . 

The event was organized by Venicemarathon with the fundamental support of the Municipal Administration of Venice and the Sea Port System Authority Northern Adriatic and VTP . 

They supported the event: CMP, Pro Action, Radio Deejay, San Benedetto, Supermarkets Alì, Masters , Bavaria , Bertoncello , Palmisano, Zuegg, Pica; Castellano Supervision,Interparking . The CMP Venice Night Trail is part of the # EnjoyRespectVenezia project and in the rich calendar of events "Le Città in Festa - Primavera" . 

Male Ranking 
1. Nicolò Petrin (Tornado) 57'26 " 
2. Mirko Miotto (Tornado) 57'26 " 
3. Nicola Costantini (Tornado) 58'10 " 
4. Giovanni Iommi (GP Livenzs Sacile) 58'32 " 
5. Lorenzo Turrini ( Valchiese ) 58'33 " 
6. Luca Dassiè (Atletica Villorba) 59'24 " 
7. Mattia Agugiaro ( Atl . Vicentina) 59'50 " 
8. Giacomo Esposito (Tornado) 1h00'37 " 

Female ranking 
1. Sharon Giammetta ( A.Coin ) 1h04'28 " 
2. Francesca Tonin (Tornado) 1h07'15 " 
3. Lara Francesca Castellani ( Keep Moving ) 1h09'15 " 
4. Ombretta Riboldi (Daini Carate Brianza) 1h09'47 " 
5. Giulia Bedorin (Tornado) 1h10'00 
6. Milena Pasin (Tornado) 1h10'07 " 
7. Mariangela Stringaro ( Keep Moving ) 1h11'41 
8. Nicoletta Dal Pont ( Gs Run for Mike) 1h12'53 "