Breakfast is the most delicate moment for managing a good training or a good race when you train in the morning.

Starting with an empty stomach and nutrients in circulation, allows the muscles to face the work they will face, thus avoiding all those problems related to digestion, ranging from cramps to various pains between liver and spleen.

Gastric emptying time is different from person to person, but in general we can consider about two and a half hours (three for those who are slower digesting and more sensitive) as the necessary time between breakfast and training.

The options to choose from for an energetic and balanced breakfast are:

  • Ham and white bread, with coffee or green tea
  • Rusks and jam or honey, added with coconut oil, with coffee or green tea
  • Rice cake without milk and dairy products, with coffee or green tea

Coffee and green tea are recommended as soft and diluted drinks, this ensures a double effect: reduction of irritation at the gastric level and liquid recovery of lost fluids during the night through breathing.

If you choose an espresso instead of tea or American coffee, is better to drink a plenty glass of mineral water to maintain a good hydrating balance before starting.

To support long efforts, more of 2 hours of training, is better to dissolve maltodextrins powder in water, as an extra shot of energy before running.

Doc. Annalisa Faè