Post workout management is important because a proper recovery is necessary for good performance in later trainings.

In summertime we have to re-introduce the lost liquids, in 60 minutes of running liter of water is lost and it has to be promptly replenished with the addition of mineral salts (especially magnesium and potassium) and fast sugars, such as those contained in fresh seasonal fruit.

Recovery after intense training also includes the reparation of the muscular structure stressed, this happens thanks to the integration with essential amino acids, those that our body does not produce and must introduce only with the diet.

Talking about recovery means the timing of taking specific products too. You need to replenish the substance needed to the body to quickly return to the best state of form and to face new challenges. This time space is the so-called "anabolic window", the 30 minutes after the end of the activity, the most important phase of the athlete’s training program, the body’s muscle-building.