Preparation for a competition does not only consist in planning the workouts and physical tests to be faced, but it is also made up of how and what you eat at the table, because even in this case the athlete has a duty to take care of himself.

The evening before a race is a special moment, where it is necessary to direct the diet towards specific choices. No particular changes in your diet are required, just a few small adjustments. It is also essential not to improvise with particular and never tried foods.

The undisputed protagonists of the pre-race dinner are carbohydrates, the primary source of energy, which must be well present in the dish. Be careful to prefer the right ones, avoiding refined sugars. An excellent solution could be a good plate of pasta (better if long, with a lower glycemic index) or rice, seasoned with walnuts, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil, foods rich in antioxidant ingredients. On the other hand, avoid elaborate sauces and condiments, which can weigh down, but also simple vegetable-based sauces, which are normally an excellent combination, but at this moment could bring additional amounts of fiber, which instead, especially the days before a race, must be strictly controlled, in order to avoid overloading the work of the intestine. It is then possible to combine a course of light, easily digestible proteins, such as chicken breast or blue fish.

Alcohol, sugary and nerve drinks are obviously not recommended, as they could make sleep less restful with a negative effect on the performance of the day after.