the race day has arrived.
What strategy can we follow to better address it?
Surely before leaving it is good to fill up with the right energies, which must be well present, constant and guaranteed for the whole course of the test, and salt, which will be reasonably lost in proportion to the effort and sweating. Here then is what is recommended from the hour before departure, an isotonic solution of Mineral Plus, a mix of carbohydrates and fast sugars with the addition of magnesium and potassium (30 g of powder in 500 ml of water).
At the moment closest to the race, about 15 minutes before the start, for a greater sprint it is possible to take a Prestart shot, a practical and fast shot, with an excellent tonic effect.
At the tenth/twelfth km, to supply the body with energy and support it with other essential principles, it is possible to take Carbosprint BCAA, which in addition to maltodextrins provides branched amino acids (BCAA) that allow a reduction in the sense of fatigue, or Carbosprint Mg + K , which contains maltodextrin, magnesium, potassium and carnitine to provide a correct supply of mineral salts during activity. Both of the gels just mentioned, being hypertonic, should be taken with water. Carbosprint Ultrarace, on the other hand, is an isotonic product, which can also be taken without water; well digestible, it provides a mixture of carbohydrates with different absorption times.
It is important to point out that any product must be tested at a stage prior to the competition, and that improvising or taking a new substance for the body could compromise the state of health and performance itself.
Upon arrival, to ensure adequate and complete recovery Amino Essential, which contains essential amino acids useful for recovery, and a blend of pomegranate and rhodiola.
Once we have given the right suggestions and recommendations, we just have to wish you a good race!