Departing at 9.00 pm from the Port of Venice, the trail organized by Venicemarathon will enter the heart of Venice at night, by torchlight.
Nicolò Petrin ready to drop the poker of victories.
The CMP Venice Running Village opens from 3 pm this afternoon at Cruise Terminal 123.

Venice, 31 March 2023 – The curtain has officially risen on one of the most fascinating events in the world: the CMP Venice Night Trail. In just over 24 hours, the alleys and calluses of Venice will welcome the passage of 5,000 runners who, with their front torches, like many small dancing fireflies, will give life to a unique and very spectacular choreography for the public and participants.

A very suggestive event which was also a strong attraction for many foreign athletes. This year, 32 nations are represented and the countries with the highest number of members are in order: Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary and the United States. Another relevant figure is the number of women registered: there are over 2,000, representing 40% of the participants, including 170 foreigners.

"We are ready to welcome with great enthusiasm and maximum commitment the 5,000 runners who have chosen to spend a different Saturday evening, dedicated to sport, entertainment but above all to the discovery of a new and fascinating Venice. We thank the Institutions in advance , the Police Forces, numerous volunteers and the assistance services who will be involved along the way, and not only, to guarantee the success of the event" - these are the words of the Venicemarathon president Piero Rosa Salva.

The most mature athletes in the competition are Loredana Mizzaro and the German Walter Schmidt, while the youngest are Federica Fietta, 17 years old, and Lorenzo Cecconetto and Davide Agostinetto, both 16 years old.

Among the best entries, the name of the Venetian Nicolò Petrin stands out, the winner of the last three editions. The athlete registered for the Vicenza Marathon and a baker by profession, is ready to drop the poker of victories: "I'm very fit, I started the season really well by registering my personal results both on the half marathon and on the 10K and I can't wait time to run one of my favorite races, the CMP Venice Night Trail!”.

There are also many groups registered. The main ones are Asd Run It (60 people), Asd Oll Scars (43 people), Atletica Vicentina (41 people) as well as obviously the Venicemarathon group which has 70 members.

Also news is the massive participation of the INAIL Institute and its staff, who joined with 90 participants. The event was seized as an opportunity to share and convey the Institute's values and mission to citizens, but above all to invite them to practice sport as a tool for psychophysical well-being and to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, which reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

The CMP Venice Running Village - The party will begin on Friday afternoon with the opening of the CMP Venice Running Village (Marittima del Porto di Venezia - Cruise Terminal 123) from 3 to 8 pm and then on Saturday 1 April from 9 to 11 pm. Here the competitors will withdraw the bib and the race pack, will be able to buy the official CMP merchandising ideal for those who practice outdoor sports and visit the many sponsoring companies. There will also be the possibility to have the t-shirt customized by “Il bottega”. The village will be animated by the Ali hostesses and the ever-present orange accent-shaped mascot, who will distribute gadgets to all sportsmen and visitors.

In addition, all visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Honda Italia stand, get to know the new Honda HR-V Full Hybrid** and receive a free front torch, an essential item for illuminating the darkest and most evocative stretches of this fascinating nocturnal trail.

The events program for Saturday 1 April includes: 11 am: Presentation of CMP - official jersey and merchandising; 11.30: Finisher Medal Presentation, 12: CMP Warm Up; 12.30: ProAction - Advice on the integration plan to face the competition; 3 pm: Presentation of CMP - official jersey and merchandising; 3.30 pm: Presentation of the Finisher Medal; 4 pm: CMP Warm Up; 4.30 pm: ProAction - Advice on the integration plan to face the tender; 6 pm: Presentation of CMP - official shirt and merchandising; 18.30: Presentation of the Finisher Medal; 8pm: Warm Up; 9 pm: Departure of the 7th CMP Venice Night Trail; 10.30 pm: Awards ceremony followed by the CMP Venice Night Party.

To enrich the post-race, this year for the first time there will be the massage service managed by the Diabasi professional school with the use of products from the sponsor Lacomed: in addition to letting their muscles loosen, the athletes will receive valuable advice on the products.

CMP Venice Night Party - A novelty of this 2023 edition will be the final post-race party, with the deejay Dacj who will make all theparticipants the fatigues of the race.

Refreshments - About halfway through the competition (Giardini della Biennale) a refreshment point will be set up with San Benedetto water and Palmisano biscuits. Numerous public fountains, located along the race course, will help the athletes to refresh themselves during the race. With a view to sustainability, immediately after refreshment, numerous volunteers will ensure that the athletes throw their waste in the appropriate containers and not along the route, thus avoiding the risk of littering the city. At the finish line, the athletes will receive the Alì-branded final refreshment kit with San Benedetto water, ProAction supplements, a 33cl can of Bavaria Premium, and some delicacies from the Palmisano ovens.

Medal - The medal, which all finishers will receive at the finish line immediately after refreshment, is once again a tribute to the city of Venice. It is about 'Bricola', that is, the three wooden poles tied together and placed in the water, to signal the low tide and the navigable canals: a distinctive element of the Venetian lagoon and a collector's item for its uniqueness.

Awards - Immediately after the arrival, the first three men and the first three women who will reach the finish line will be awarded. The category awards will be made afterwards and all the winners will be contacted by e-mail.
Honda Italia will also award the first woman to finish in the province with the 'Honda Trophy'.

Health Service - The health service, coordinated by the Green Cross - Venice section, will be guaranteed at departure and arrival with a first aid point and water ambulances along the route.

Parking - Close to the start and finish area, the 1,000 parking spaces made available free of charge by the organization were all quickly sold out. In the nearby Tronchetto area, however, the following many parking lots are available: Tronchetto Parking, Parking P5, Parking 280, Isola del Tronchetto, all close to the starting area and in any case connected with a circular shuttle service that will take the athletes to the Village. Furthermore, the organizers recommend compacting the cars, arriving in Venice at least three per vehicle, leaving the other cars free of charge in San Giuliano Park (Porta Gialla) with a copy on the dashboard.

Time Limit - The time limit is 3 hours.

Also on this occasion Venicemarathon runs together with the Tourism Directorate of the Veneto Region towards the goal of sustainability. Through the Take It Slow project, funded under the Interreg Italia Croatia programme, the Region is carrying out a series of interventions to enhance the tourist offer by focusing on awareness and respect, both for the environment and for people, to create in Veneto increasingly sustainable and accessible destinations, considering everyone's needs. On the occasion of the 7th CMP Venice Night Trail, participants were invited to answer a few short questions, which will help to understand everyone's impact on the environment in everyday life, between home, work, travel and food. Points are awarded for each answer and the first 50 athletes who rank among the most virtuous will receive a €10 discount voucher to be used for the next edition of the Venice Night Trail!

The event, like all the events organized by Venicemarathon, adheres to the #EnjoyRespectVenezia project and all participants have been invited, right from the registration stages, to adopt responsible and respectful behavior towards the city, its inhabitants and the environment. On the other hand, the trail, by its nature, provides for an approach to the race that is less oriented towards chronometric performance but more sensitive to the landscape context in which it takes place.

The 7th CMP Venice Night Trail is included in the calendar of promotional events of the Municipality of Venice "LeCittà in Festa" 2023.

The CMP Venice Night Trail is an event organized by Venicemarathon with the support of the Municipality of Venice, the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea and promoted by CMP, the brand of the Campagnolo Brothers group.

I am a sponsor of the event. important brands such as: CMP, Honda, Alì, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Palmisano, Bavaria, Diabasi, Park For Fun, 3BMeteo, Interparking, Lacomed Sport, Manifattura Falomo and the Corriere dello Sport media partners and Tuttosport.