Confirmed the prediction of the eve, with the fourth consecutive victory of the Venetian athlete Nicolò Petrin, pleasantly renamed 'the flying baker' because of his profession as a baker which alternates with a sports career. Licensed for the Vicenza Marathon, Nicolò set the best race time, completing the 16 kilometers of the route and 51 bridges in 59'22". “It's always nice and not obvious to reconfirm and I'm really happy with this victory. Running at night in Venice has a different charm every year”.

In the women's field, victory of the mountain trail specialist Silvia Sangalli, bearer of the Atl. Dolomiti Belluno which won in 1h11'28": "It's the first time I've taken part in this event. I found it very hard and different from mountain trails due to the many changes of pace, but really very fascinating".

The Honda Italia award was instead assigned to Martina Comisso, first classified woman in the province of Venice. The trophy was presented to Costanza Sabbadini and Riccardo Massa of Honda Italia.