Yet another great success for the 7th CMP Venice Night Trail which lit up the Venetian night last night

Venice, 2 April 2023 – A veritable dancing light show lit up the heart of the historic center of Venice yesterday evening, giving life to the 7th CMP Venice Night Trail, the 16-kilometre night trail and 51 bridges, organized by Venicemarathon, and which recorded yet another great success of participants with 5,000 athletes at the start, including many foreigners.

Confirmed the prediction of the eve, with the fourth consecutive victory of the home athlete Nicolò Petrin, pleasantly renamed 'the flying baker' because of his profession as a baker which alternates with a sports career. Licensed for the Vicenza Marathon, Nicolò set the best time ever, completing the 16 kilometers and 51 bridges in 59'22". “It's always nice, and never taken for granted, to reconfirm and I'm really happy with this victory. Tonight there were the ideal conditions to race well even though I've been awake for almost 20 hours now due to my work. Every year the charm of Venice is always different”.

Behind him came Filippo Barizza, Venetian athlete wearing Atl colours. Dolomiti Belluno who remained together with Petrin up to the 14th kilometre, suffering in the final the deadly stretch of the flying baker. Third step for the Trentino Luca Vivaldi of ASd Stivio Running.

In the women's field, victory of the mountain trail running specialist Silvia Sangalli, bearer of the Atl. Dolomiti Belluno which won in 1h11'28": "It's the first time I've taken part in this event and I found it very demanding and different from the mountain trails due to the many changes of pace, but really very fascinating. I suffered a bit from the humidity, but I'm happy to have won tonight". Second, with a gap of 1'35", came Vania Rizzà of the Atl. Bassano Running Store and third Martina Zanette (1h14'22").

The river of lights left punctually at 9.00 pm from the Cruise Terminal 123 of the Marittima of the Port of Venice, the one that until a few years ago was the docking place for large cruise ships, on an evening characterized by crisp temperatures, but heated by the warmth and enthusiasm of the many runners.

The magic of the race ignited when the athletes activated their front torches, on the notes of the Hymn of San Marco and the Hymn of Italy, to then give life to a very long luminous snake that entered the dark of the city , illuminating the most suggestive areas of the historic center by torchlight, with passages on the Calatrava bridge, in Piazza San Marco, on the Accademia bridge and at the Basilica della Salute.

With its large and welcoming internal and external spaces, the terminal was therefore transformed for the occasion first into the 'home' of the runners, with all the pre-race services, and then into a sort of open-air disco, made so by the music by deejay Dacj and the spotlights mounted on the finish portal that helped make the event a great party, which began just before the start with wild zumba choreographies and ended well after midnight with the arrival of the last competitors, always to the rhythm of music.

The event was also experienced in a festive way by the 90 Inail employees, coming from every corner of the Veneto and led by the energetic regional manager Enza Scarpa, who took part in the race with great enthusiasm, to demonstrate the effectiveness of movement and sport in general as a tool for psychophysical well-being and social cohesion.

During the evening, the special 'Honda Italia' prize was also awarded to Martina Comisso, first classified woman in the province of Venice. The trophy was presented by the exponents of the Japanese brand, from this year's 'Main Partner & Official Car' of the event, Costanza Sabatini and Riccardo Massa, who expressed their great appreciation for the excellent success of the event.

Paola Gazzola and Nicolò Rossignoli of CMP, title sponsor of the event for 5 years, were also enthusiastic about the umpteenth success of this event, who awarded the winners of the race together with the representatives of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, Stefano Fornasier and Lorenzo Cortesi.

"This year the weather conditions have been decidedly better than last year, but in the future we will also order a few more degrees - joked the vice mayor of the Municipality of Venice Andrea Tomaello at the start, who then continued  - the high number of athletes foreigners demonstrates how this event attracts tourists who like to visit the city in a completely unusual way: a concept of tourism that we like very much! On my behalf and on behalf of the Municipality of Venice, I thank Venicemarathon, all the forces of order and the associations involved and the many volunteers along the route for the great organizational effort".

Great satisfaction also in the Venicemarathon house: “We experienced a truly amazing edition and it was impressive to see so many competitors parading under the starting arch, in a truly fascinating and unique choreography of lights. On the other hand, running in Venice at night only happens at the CMP Venice Night Trail and we are aware of the enormous potential of this event, which we will be able to grow further gradually and with the utmost respect for the context in which it takes place. I just have to thank the Municipal Administration, the title sponsor CMP and all the companies that support this event, the Port Authority for having hosted us, the Police Forces, the Green Cross, the Civil Protection and the many volunteers as always at the our side” – these are the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, at the end of the event and after waiting almost 4 hours for the last competitor to deliver the 'bricola', the special souvenir medal.

Nicolò Petrin (Vincenza Marathon) 59'22"
Filippo Barizza (Atl. Dolomiti Belluno) 1h00'27"
Luca Vivaldi (Stivo Running) 1h01'57"
Alan Piroddi (Adria Runners) 1h02'33"
Simone Wegher (Tornado) 1h22'43"

Silvia Sangalli (Atl. Dolomiti Belluno) 1h11'28”
Vania Rizzà (Atl. Bassano Running) 1h13'04"
Martina Zanette (Runcard) 1h14'22"
Chiara Fumagalli (I Bocia Verano Brianza) 1h15'34"
Sabrina Viel (G.S. Quantin Alpenplus) 1h15'56”

The CMP Venice Night Trail was organized by Venicemarathon with the support of the Municipality of Venice, the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea and promoted by CMP, the brand of the Campagnolo Brothers group.

They were sponsors of the event. important brands such as: CMP, Honda, Alì, Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Palmisano, Bavaria, Diabasi, Park For Fun, 3BMeteo, Interparking, Lacomed Sport, Manifattura Falomo and the Corriere dello Sport media partners and Tuttosport