The eighth edition of the CMP Venice Night Trail starts at 9pm.

5,000 athletes will compete, by torchlight, for 16 kilometers and 51 bridges, surrounded by the silence and darkness of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Everything is ready at the Cruise Terminal 123 of the Port of Venice for the 8th CMP Venice Night Trail.

A welcoming village is hosting the passage of over 5,000 athletes who this evening will give life to a spectacular 16 kilometer trail race in which they will have to face 51 points, cross very suggestive streets and squares, but also iconic places such as Piazza San Marco, the bridge of the Academy, the Basilica della Salute. A challenging race, but at the same time very fascinating, because it will make you experience the emotion of running at night, surrounded by the darkness and silence of an unprecedented Venice.

  Present to inaugurate the village were the deputy mayor with responsibility for sport Andrea Tomaello, the councilor for the territory Paola Mar, the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva, the vice presidents Claudio Borghello and Stefano Fornasier and some of the sponsors present such as Nicolò Rossignoli of CMP, Pietro Palmisano of Dolci Palmisano, and Nazar Shumanskyy of Pro Action.

In their speeches, the guests reiterated the success and fascination that this event has on runners from all over the world and the type of healthy, sporting tourism that respects the city that this event generates.

The Village is therefore hosting the passage of all the competitors who, in addition to collecting the bib and the race pack, can purchase the official CMP merchandising, the right pre- and post-race Pro Action supplements, and have their t-shirt personalized. The little shop, have your muscles loosened up by the Diabasi Professional School of Massage and be immortalized in the company of the friendly mascot Alì.