Over 5,000 runners gave life to the spectacular night trail organized by Venicemarathon, which lit up Venice last night.

Venice, 7 April 2024 – Giacomo Esposito from Treviso and Francesca Tonin from Belluno are the new protagonists of the spectacular eighth edition of the CMP Venice Night Trail, the urban trail organized by Venicemarathon, which last night illuminated the campielli, calli and canals of Venice , for many, unknown and unpublished.

Over 5,000 athletes equipped with headlamps, like many small fireflies, gave life to a choreography of lights along the 16 kilometers of the race course and the 51 bridges, which illuminated the most evocative areas of the historic centre, with passages on the Calatrava bridge, in Piazza San Marco, on the Accademia bridge and at the Basilica della Salute.
In the men's race, a surprise victory for the new Italian marathon champion Giacomo Esposito who interrupted the dominance of the home idol, the 'flying baker' Nicolò Petrin, winner of the last four editions, who preferred to run alongside his girlfriend Francesca Tonin, first woman to finish.
Giacomo Esposito, standard bearer of Atletica San Biagio, finished in an excellent time of 57'04", followed by Mattia Agugiaro (Vicenza Marathon) with a gap of just 26 seconds (57'29") and the other standard bearer came third of Atletica San Biagio, Matteo Muraro, in a time of 59'41".
ESPOSITO Giacomo Esposito, 29 years old from Montebelluna (Tv) is a civil engineer and works in Padua.
"I'm not a trail specialist and I suffered terribly on the bridges, while I saw Agugiaro tackling them with more ease. Around the twelfth kilometer I decided to lengthen. I knew the route quite well because I had already run this race in 2019 and this year I returned just to win!" For the record, Esposito finished ninth at the 2023 Wizz Air Venicemarathon, second among the Italians.
The arrival of the first woman, Francesca Tonin (Vicenza Marathon), was exciting, arriving hand in hand with her boyfriend and teammate Nicolò Petrin. On the second step of the podium was Giulia Candido (Atl. Prealpi) who ran in 1h14'27" and third was Irene Palazzi (Atl. San Martino) 1h15'34".

TONIN - The former student of the Olympic marathon champion Stefano Baldini has been the life and training partner of the athlete-baker and trail specialist Nicolò Petrin for 4 months and divides her time between Feltre, her town of origin and Venice, home of Nicholas. The 29-year-old sports nutritionist was very satisfied at the finish line: "I love flat routes, but I love running in Venice because every time it makes my heart skip a beat. When I entered Piazza San Marco I was almost moved. I'm happy that Nicolò decided to accompany me along all 16 kilometres... it was a true gesture of love and I thank him very much for this. It was a race that I will carry in my heart."
The magic of the CMP Venice Night Trail was lit when the athletes activated their head torches, to the tune of the Hymn of San Marco and the Anthem of Italy, and then gave life to a very long luminous snake that entered the darkness of the city, illuminating the most evocative areas of the historic center by torchlight.
THE PARTY Cruise Terminal 123, the departure and arrival location, was then transformed into an open-air disco until late at night, animated by deejay Dacj and the Pasta Party.
ABROAD This year too, the event was a strong attraction for many foreign athletes, especially from France, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the United States who were able to get to know an unusual, silent but very welcoming Venice.
Great enthusiasm at Venicemarathon for the great evening of celebration and sport: “We applaud yet another highly successful edition, which makes us increasingly aware of the fact that the trail is becoming even more of the heritage of the city of Venice, because it is loved and passionate by the same people Venetians who every time witness an unprecedented light show and for the type of qualified tourism it generates. In recent years we have gradually grown to respect the fragility of a city like this and to ensure efficient and quality services to all members. For next year, we will evaluate whether we can welcome even more athletes, obviously without neglecting the aspects just listed. I thank CMP and all the sponsors who renew their trust in us every year, the Municipality of Venice, the police forces and all the institutions involved and above all the over 300 volunteers who assisted along the route last night and not just all the participants" - these are the words of the president of Venicemarathon Piero Rosa Salva.
"The high number of foreign athletes demonstrates how this event is a strong attraction for tourists who love to visit the city in a sporting way, creating a concept of sustainable tourism that respects the city which we really like. On behalf of myself and the Municipality of Venice I thank Venicemarathon, all the police forces and associations involved and the many volunteers alongthe path for the great organizational effort" - the departing vice mayor of the Municipality of Venice Andrea Tomaello, who then continued -
All rankings are available on the website www.venicenighttrail.it
The next events organized by Venicemarathon will be: 13th Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon & 10K on Saturday 25 May, 3rd CMP Venice Lido Beach Trail on Sunday 22 September, 38th Wizz Air Venicemarathon on Sunday 27 October.
The eighth edition of the CMP Venice Night Trail was organized by Venicemarathon, with the fundamental support and patronage of the City Administration of Venice and the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea.
The sponsors of the event are: CMP (Title Sponsor); Alì, Pro Action, San Benedetto, Palmisano (Official Sponsor); Banco BPM (Financial Sponsor), Garmin (Official Timekeeper), Bavaria, Dole, Diabasi - Professional School of Massage, Lacomed, Sgambaro Molino e Pastificio, ParkforFun, Trochetto Parking, Gac Power & Eventi (Official Supplier); Radio PiterPan and Radio Bellla & Monella (Official Radio), Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport (Media Partner).

Photographs by Matteo Bertolin and Francesca Soli (Photo Today).